[PP 263] CLC - Pepe

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[PP 263] CLC - Pepe

Postby YouJuChan » Wed May 13, 2015 7:15 pm


It's ouuut! Thank you all so much for participating and I'm sorry for the delay!
Biiig thanks to Mich for beta-ing as well <3

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Seunghee- dbangshinee
Yujin - KayKay
Seungyeon - YouJuChan
Sorn - Jojibear
YeEun - newismyname

mixer: Youjuchan
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Re: [PP 263] CLC - Pepe

Postby Almighty Cho » Tue May 19, 2015 4:58 am

I think Bigi is doing all the releases by herself XD!
Yay for another release ^^~!

Seunghee- dbangshinee: It's so nice to hear you again ^^ Hope to hear your voice more often! Definately missed it ^^
Yujin - KayKay: I was like where are your parts when I realized you only had one.. But the one sounded nice :)!
Seungyeon - YouJuChan: It's obvious you really like that song, haha nailed it <3
Sorn - Jojibear: Your parts have this subtle smexy sound hehe me likeys ^^
YeEun - newismyname: Hehe! Rapping New strikes again! You are perfect for that part! :D
Group: You girls sound really cute in the group parts, you blend pretty well hihi :) Whoever did harmonies thanks for them hihi, without them the release would surely have sounded really empty ><
mixer: Youjuchan: The mix sounds really good I think hihi ^^ I maybe would've put the voices a little more quiet at some parts, cause sometimes I nearly didn't notice the instrumental.
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Re: [PP 263] CLC - Pepe

Postby xKeirafanx » Wed May 20, 2015 7:33 pm

Yay, a release~
I shamelessly admit to having jammed to this song for days straight under the shower and it is harder than it sounds to hit those notes, so kudos for a start for recording this!

Seunghee- dbangshinee: A few parts sound a little strained, aside from that I love the power you have here. I know that end chorus note is murder and you pushed through, good job!
Yujin - KayKay: So little parts, but you fit them well!
Seungyeon - YouJuChan: Love those chorus parts and nice opening.
Sorn - Jojibear: I'm a bit freaked out how close to the original your first two lines sound. Love love love them so much!
YeEun - newismyname: Love the rap! I had a hunch you'd love to do it and decided against signing up for Yeeun so you could do this one and it's even more perfect than I imagined. The utgyeos are the absolute cutest. Your parts are my favorite in this song.
Mixing: Have to agree with Miri on the voices drowning out the instrumental at a few parts.
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Re: [PP 263] CLC - Pepe

Postby Kyllia » Thu May 21, 2015 12:32 am

Not a huge fan of this song even though I'm looking forward to more releases from CLC but this was cute :) I agree with Keira on Joji's first lines haha I was like whoaaa :P
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Re: [PP 263] CLC - Pepe

Postby juliqaaa » Mon Jun 22, 2015 11:08 pm

I'm so late in checking this out but I was looking forward to it because I find this song catchy ^^ and the cover reminded me just how darn catchy it is!

Seunghee- dbangshinee: Your 'apeun cheokhaji malgo' lines especially got my heart beating so fast, the way you add extra breath while empathising your vocals, I loved it!
Yujin - KayKay: Such a shame your parts were small but you still rocked it ;)
Seungyeon - YouJuChan: Your starting lines were definitely my favourite lfdjkdj and I loved how your voice sounded in the chorus.
Sorn - Jojibear: I loved the way your soft tones ran throughout the song. Very soothing!
YeEun - newismyname: Your 'utgyeo' parts were super cute aaaah. And your rap, please teach me your ways!

All of the groups' harmonies were lovely :) it was a pleasure listening to this. I'm sorry I can't comment much on the mixing itself because I don't have much experience in that department ^^"

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