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[OP-SP 14] Christmas at BR 2016

Posted: Sun Dec 25, 2016 6:13 pm
by Almighty Cho

Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you spent and will spend wonderful days with your beloved ones and can have a supergood start into a Happy New Year 2017! :rabu:

Celtic Woman - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

Spoiler: Show


xKeirafanx | Almighty Cho | Firefly | Rakiu_desu | Yukidama

Mixer: xKeirafanx


Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Spoiler: Show


Firefly | xKeirafanx | juliqaaa | Kia~

Mixer: Firefly


Kylie Minogue - Only You (feat. James Corden)

Spoiler: Show


Yukidama | xKeirafanx | juliqaaa | 21cssk

Mixer: Yukidama


TaeTiSeo - Dear Santa

Spoiler: Show

Listen to the Acapella version here!


YoujuChan | xKeirafanx | Almighty Cho | Sai

Mixer: Almighty Cho


Berryz Koubou - Romance wo Katatte

Spoiler: Show

Listen to the Acapella version here ^^

Kia~ | Wolfy

Mixer: Wolfy


Thanks for participating and sending in stuff! <3
And big thanks again to Yukidama for this beautiful banner! <3

Re: [OP-SP 14] Christmas at BR 2016

Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 1:55 pm
by Yukidama
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee it's a release! Happy Christmas to everyone, hope you're all enjoying the holidays together with your family and loved ones :3

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing: Super duper hard song to sing and considering how little time you had to mix this it turned out really great. Some of those harmonies gave me goosebumps!

xKeirafanx: Pretty much amazed by your high harmonies, those were crazy. *3*
Almighty Cho: Really loved your softer notes here, almost didn't recognize at some parts. All of your harmonies and choir parts are so beautiful. <3
Firefly: I think you were a little sick singing your parts but I think they still turned out really sweet. Missed hearing your voice so much T_T
Rakiu_desu: Your voice sounds so beautiful when you sing high (at "Born to raise the sons of earth") and your vibrato is so perfect!

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas: I think there's some quite bigger volume issues in the mix (maybe can fix afterwards still?). Most parts are way too quiet :( but overall everyone sounds soooooo sweet and warm here. I really do enjoy this version of the song very much.

Firefly: This seems like the perfect song for your voice, it sounds incredibly beautiful and full of emotion here. Especially in yourlower register and when you hold those notes. <3
xKeirafanx: Wowzer you voice sounds so sweet yet mature here, I really loved the "Until then we have to muddle..." when you hold the longer notes. Really beautiful.
juliqaaa: Your voice sounds extremely sweet here, really made me smile listening to your parts *3*
Kia~: Aah it's a pity some of your parts turned out so quiet in the mix, your last part was pretty impressive (that long held powernote "somehow"). Also perfect ending note was perfect <3

Only You: Thanks to everyone who participated, everyone's parts turned out so beautiful!

xKeirafanx: I like the softness in your solo parts and I think you actually harmonized with juliqaaa pretty well!
juliqaaa: I could hear a lot of emotions in your lines even though most of the verses are really low. Also loved to sing that chorus together with you <3
21cssk: You dunno how much I missed your voice T____T and also singing together with you. Can I admit that our chorus duet is my most favourite part of the song?

Also super awesome job on the private collabs, amazing how you guys found the time to records and mix some awesome cover songs!!

Noræon: As always you guys sound super awesome together, THOSE HIGH NOTES AT THE BEGINNING?! I went like WTFFFFF xDDD There's also some more high and crazy difficult notes later on. Big props on those! It's a tiny pity there were still some background vocals (probably a vocal cut?) but still your harmonies were incredible and I really enjoyed everyone here~~~

Kia~ & Wolfy: Wow the mix sounds amazing, also your voices are so different / diverse that they make such an intriguing duet together! Wolfy's voice sounds so sweet and Kia is more mature. Really, really beautiful! <3

Re: [OP-SP 14] Christmas at BR 2016

Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 6:55 pm
by Almighty Cho
@anke: thanks so much <3 I struggled in hark tbh XD' And thanks for writing comments ^^!!

OH forgot to upload the acapella for Noræon! Did so now, added to the first post, please listen to it ;) !

Merry Christmas to everyone again! <3
Will write more individual lateron :3

Re: [OP-SP 14] Christmas at BR 2016

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 3:58 pm
by xKeirafanx
Meike the Christmas carols obsessed makes a return as she is in all those songs except for Kia & Wolfy's duet, whoopsie~

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
My oh my, what have I put myself and you all up with! If anyone claims they didn't struggle with the song they must be lying. I learned a lot hosting this song and I think mixing until 3am was worth it in the end. Please don't submit this late next time though, I felt like a zombie on Christmas Eve still. Thank you for participating and big shout out to Anke for helping out last minute!

Almighty Cho - Thank you so much for your extra recordings with choir parts and harmonies I did not hear! Your harmonies were spot on and your solo line at the beginning was beautifully soft.
Firefly - I'm so sorry that you got hit with a sickness. It can be heard in a few parts, but nonetheless you sang really well and had no issues with your parts whatsoever.
Rakiu_desu - Mad respect at how firm your high harmonies sound! You affirmed why I trusted you with those and delivered me very beautiful takes.
Yukidama - You blessing soul! Your group parts definitely added more vocal color and your main voice parts were gorgeous as well.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Personally I was very grateful for having Cho's solo as guidance for learning what kind of singing rhythm was required and it was a beautiful solo too. Hearing this for a second time I also think there can still be made adjustments with the volume of instrumental versus vocals.

Firefly - This song was more in a comfortable range I believe, since there is very little of the sickness to be heard in your parts. They sound gorgeous and I can tell why you chose the song, you have evident joy singing it.
juliqaaa - I hear a few pitch inaccuracies here, but before your self-esteem gets a crack (we know practice evens those out) I think your emoting was absolutely lovely and you gave your parts a very smooth feeling.
Kia~ - I missed your voice so much, dear lord. Gorgeous parts are absolutely gorgeous!

Only You
Fun fact, when I read the songs open in the OP out loud to my mother she ordered me to sign up for this song (she loves the song since anno dazumal), wanting to hear me sing it. I would have signed up anyway ;) I played this to her yesterday and she wants me to tell everyone that she thinks our cover sounds absolutely gorgeous. Job: done.

Yukidama - Mich and you blend so nicely! I loved all your parts.
juliqaaa - I can tell that you loved the song very much, you sang with so many emotions.
21cssk - Lovely hearing you again in a project. Your voice is beautiful as always.

Noræon - Dear Santa
Not going to lie, I was glad I didn't have the adlibs at the start, you ladies did fabulously! My jaw dropped, wow. Thank you Sai for taking over for Tammy last minute. You all sound amazing, I have no idea how you hit some of those notes, especially Miri those at the end. I thought I'd sound like I hate the song but I surprisingly don't?

Kia & Wolfy - Romance wo Katatte
Aaaaah, a Berryz song. Your voices sound lovely together, as always! I love the blending of your tones here too.

@Anke: Thank you for all the compliments.

Re: [OP-SP 14] Christmas at BR 2016

Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2016 1:25 pm
by Almighty Cho
Back with individual comments before the year is over ;)
Also I hope you all had wonderful days during Christmas and will have a good start into 2017! ^^

Celtic Woman - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing well ain't we an angely choir?
xKeirafanx: Totally fitting into the carol-stuff I really enjoyed your lines <3 Kudos on the high harmonies ^^
Almighty Cho:
Firefly: Despite being sick you still did very well I think :3 You always sound so good lowharmonizing to anyone, I love that ^^
Rakiu_desu: Good job on hitting the highharmony parts, they sounded so easy to you ^^
Yukidama: Thanks for emergency-stepping-in! So happy to be in a song again with you :3 *fangirls over voice onceagain*
Mixer: xKeirafanx: Once again kudos for mixing this monster, it must have been so hard to properly blend us, esp cause I find the timing pretty difficult to catch at parts ^^ PS: My mum loves this and had it stuck in her head for days :D

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Firefly: You sound beautiful anyways I think <3
xKeirafanx: So soothing and relaxing you always sound *yoda-cho-appears* <3
juliqaaa: One part sounded like you struggled with the pitch a bit, otherwise nice ones :3
Kia~: You are carrying this really nicely I think ^^ Like having much power, but still being really smooth ^^
Mixer: Firefly: Mixing when being sick a p-i-t-a so *pats* good job on finishing in time despite having to sleep to recover originally xD Still the voices are pretty quiet in this, I nearly can't hear them in some parts... Actually it pretty much sounds like the first version I betaed... I'm afraid now I maybe picked the wrong link after all though I picked the one you saidXD'

Kylie Minogue - Only You (feat. James Corden)
Yukidama: Graaah *grabs anke's-voice-fanclub-sign-tightly* <33 so. amazing.
xKeirafanx: You somehow made it sound like your own version, me likeys :3
juliqaaa: I especially love your bridge part, it really has a nice color :3
21cssk: You sound like you are singing the most beautiful lullaby to a beautiful baby, positively spoken! Beautiful <3
Mixer: Yukidama: I really like this song a lot, your covers always sound SO darn beautiful! You really have a hand on coding and mixing always <3 The mix sounds reallllly good ^^

TaeTiSeo - Dear Santa
YoujuChan: You were so CUTE in the talking-giggling-bridge I totally grinned while timing that in XD Your parts are really beautiful <3
xKeirafanx: I don't think you sound like you hate the song, I think you give the song a nice ground for us other 3 to flow along to (and jump all over XD) ^^ <3
Almighty Cho: For once thinking I don't dislike my parts..
Sai: Thank you for covering so fast! <3 Also I'm sorry I couldn't take all your harmonies in the end parts, because I somehow really struggled timing overall the mix (esp with my own takes lol) and I just couldn't fit them to mine >_< Also...SAICHOCROSS strikes again <3 Really liking your lines ^^
Mixer: Almighty Cho: Somehow struggled with timing this time much more than the volumes.. I hope it sounds decent at least (the ending gave me major headaches tbh). Also thanks for Tammy for betaing <3

Berryz Koubou - Romance wo Katatte This is such a beautiful song to listen to in the wintery time, you both also always harmonize so well! <3
Kia~: First off thank you so much for submitting this to the project, I was incredibly happy to add you both in here! <3 You did a great job in this ^^
Wolfy: I missed your voice so much! You fit all those japanese songs so well! You sound really nice in this :3
Mixer: Wolfy: Sounds like a lot of work actually, but did really really well! ^^ AND WOW THE ACAPELLA VERSION IS JUST THE BOMB <33

@anke: Thanks for the comment :3 haha that's funny cause I said when betaing to Meike that I didn't really recognize you! :D And so happy you like the noraeon song, I also really love it *-* (and for once don't think my lines are bad XD) Actually I used the "official instrumental" but the echo-effecty stuff from the doubles and harmonies could still be heard a bit, but I added the acapella of us for proof now :D

@husbando: I totally love you being in every song haha <3
Thanks for the comments :3 <33

PS: One doesn't have to write individual comments to post here and just to wish everyone a nice holiday ;)