[OP-K 03] Seoul In Da Club

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Re: [OP-K 03] Seoul In Da Club

Postby newismyname » Fri May 14, 2010 12:00 am

mann I'm so sad I didnt get to be in Oh! but I liked it alot! you all blended in so well! ♥♥ great job girls!

edit: i loved "Love like This" a lot too! Great mixing! and I liked the first team in Loner~ a;soidjfad I wish I was in this project~ and just one thing for hani! You stumble a bit on your raps :o but either than taht great job!
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Re: [OP-K 03] Seoul In Da Club

Postby YouJuChan » Sat May 15, 2010 6:26 pm

AH buuuh -.-;; i wrote a comment and then it was gone *bad trip*

long comment short -> everyone was great in oh! you all got the 'excited' feeling which makes one want to dance to it kekeke~ Some parts had to much autotune thus some were hardly audible ^^;;
I can't believe its my 2nd voice there XD was it my voice hani? or was it tiffanys? cause i can't believe it ahahah XD its too high ahah!

loner - kay we blend WELLLLL together *O* I love our parts kekeke~ 
hani - well done hun <3 i enjoyed listening to our cover :D you had some difficulties during the rap though but its not that bad ^o^

havent listened to the other covers yet but i definitely will soon ^o^
and srry for fail ccomment -.-;; my previous comment was more constructive ;o;
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Re: [OP-K 03] Seoul In Da Club

Postby Yukidama » Sun May 23, 2010 11:19 pm

Okay now that took me some time, I'm sorries *bows*
... not completely done yet but I hope I could some productive criticism to everyone :3

SS501 - Love Like This

Ah I really love this song, it's so catchy. It's just a pity that the quality of the vocal cut ain't that good :< I think you girls did a great job~!
Honey + Yuri. I liked your vocals the most ^^ nice job! The other girls also did a good job but struggled with the notes here and there. But I still enjoyed listening to the song :3 I also gotta say I love the effects, they sound pro :3

Eddie - Over

Well, what can I say ^^ thanks for giving me the opportunity to sing together with both you girls~! I really fell in love with the song! Both of you really did such a great job T3T I couldn't stop listen to this cover~! I loved Hani's strong charismatic voice in this and Kay's grown up yet clear voice~ they really match well ^.^

Jewelry - Super Star

hanipazui - I think you always manage to own your lines xD you dont seem to hold back and I can always feel your passion <3 "irohgeee~eeee yeah" xD
Chulderella - You rocked your rap parts x3
shiki0014 - I think you had some problems with hitting the notes sometimes but it felt like your voice actually suited the song <3
Ari - Wow, I loved your attitude~! :> and I liked your adlibs in the beginning ^^ specially that ooooh~

C.N Blue - I'm A Loner

brb X__x gonna try to have a listen to all 3 teams again!

SNSD - Oh!

I'm sorry for not naming everyone particularly but the lyrics only had the group members names and switching from the media player to the lyrics to the forum thread and back just killed me after a while xD

Shiki0014 - I think you sounded really great here ^^ another song your voice fits very well to, I think because it sounds more.. hmm.. childlike? xD I'm sorry I mean it as a compliment, you really got a cutesy in your voice that often can be found in Korean pop voices :3
Ceres: I really liked your "utjimayo", it sounded great x3
YouJuChan + Hani: you girls sounded so awesome together! *3*

U-Kiss - Round and Round (Bingeul Bingeul)

I loved the warp effects *3*

hanipazui - <3 your rapping / talking
KayKay - Loved your chorus~! You sounded really cool there ^^ better than the verse~!
Ceres - nice job on the verse with Hani ^^ I liked it a bit better than the first chorus you did, but t'was still a good job :3
shiki0014 - I really liked your second solo part, you (and Ari) sounded really great!
Ari - yeeeeah Ha! xD that really rocked!
Honey - Wow your voice sounded so fierce here~ Almost like one of the boys x3
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Re: [OP-K 03] Seoul In Da Club

Postby hirokibaby » Mon Jul 12, 2010 7:01 pm

I'm A Loner sounds awesome!
I think the harmonies and the rap's very nicely done.
I like Team Yonghwa the most cuz I think the voices blend together more over there.

You all sound so cute in Oh!

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