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Re: [OP-SP 1] Breaking Records' 1st Anniversary

Posted: Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:26 pm
by lakuru
@saga: EEEEEEEEEEH?! I did fit Moonlight?! When I listen to it alone it was pitchy. ROFL and also I sound drunk. or more like I was dozing off cause I was tired the day I recorded it. I dunno what magic Hani did to my parts that it sounded better. Tho I should say me, Rakiu and Honey blended well. XD
For asu wa kuru kara... yesh I stuggled with the verses. >.< I had to record it many many times but I can't do it. ROFL. Its ironic how I hit the lowest lowest part of the song at the bridge but not that verse. *bricks*

My comments will come later. Cause I have to collect my thoughts and comment on the epicness of this project. Image

Re: [OP-SP 1] Breaking Records' 1st Anniversary

Posted: Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:50 pm
by hanipazui
eiri: there was no magic tricks done...and you weren't drunk..XD you blend really well with Rakiu and Honey!! <3<3<3 ^___^

Re: [OP-SP 1] Breaking Records' 1st Anniversary

Posted: Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:14 am
by YouJuChan
uwaahh i wanna listen to iiittt!!! ToT but I'm always like in the middle of loads of people so I think I won't be able to listen to it before i return back home XD
anyways thanks for the nice comment ^//^ i feel so flattered ^//^

thanks saga for mixing and yuki for giving her the instrumental :3

I'm really looking forward to listening to it ^o^

hugs and kisses from osloooo :D

Re: [OP-SP 1] Breaking Records' 1st Anniversary

Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:17 am
by Almighty Cho
Yayy~ It's out ^^
No Super Junior? o.O

Clazziquai Project - Love Again (RAM RIDER REMIX): Great mixing!
KayKay: Your voice sounds so original o.o
Shisshi: I adore your voice in this :D
Kyllia: Wah~ you sound soo good in the bridge!
Neorago: Great voice :D
Shiki0014: Your voice fits beautiful in this song! ^^
Casali0810: Cute in cool song xD
Honey: Wah~ your voice is so smooth and I like it :D

Yamashita Tomohisa - Moonlight: hani such a great mixer ^^
Team Moon:
hanipazui: I'm amazed by your voice range again >__< You fit so well in your song (lol no wonder xD) ^^
Sagacchi: You sound kinda perverted in the beginning xD But I like it ^^
shiki0014: You sound more mature in this song, I like it ^^

Team Stars:
Rakiu_desu: Very smooth and wide range, I like it! ^^
Honey: Wah~ I like your voice, it fits very good in this~ ^^
lakuru: Nice voice ^^ Maybe a little more power when you have to sing low? ^^

Baechigi - Unfade 2: Great mixing!
Sagacchi: Wah~ amazing rapping! O.O
Ari: You sound great ! ^^
Firefly: Your intro sounds SO amazing! ^^ Your backgrounds are both very fitting! <3
YouJu: Your intro sounds SO amazing! ^^ Your backgrounds are both very fitting! <3

ONE OK ROCK - yume yume:
Team 1: Good mixing! ^^
Sai: Wah~ Great rapping! o.o
KayKay: You sound so cool~ ^^
Hanipazui: Your voice sounds so mature, so fitting! ^^

Team 2: Good mixing, just one time I think Kyllia is a little outta time ^^
Kyllia: Your a little out of pitch and tempo sometimes @__@ But still good! :D
Rakiu_desu: You fit really well in this song! ^^

파니핑크 (Fanny Fink) - Sweet: Good mixing! ^^
Shisshi: Cute and smooth :3
Sagacchi: You sound like you use too much air, but nice voice still ^^
KayKay: Very clear voice ^^
Kyllia: I like :3
casali0810: Have more faith in your voice~ ^_~

DBSK - Asu Wa Kuru Kara:
YouJu: Wah~ your voice sounds amazing in low! ^^
Shisshi: I think some things were too low for you~ but still sounds great ^^
Hanipazui: Wah~ epic range again xD I love your voice~ ^^
joongieloveforever: You sound great in this! ^^
shiki0014: Great voice ^^ You fit very well in this! ^^
FireFly: Wah~ great voice! :3
casali0810: You sound GREAT in this! ^^
lakuru: I think this was too low for you too >__< You sound better in higher ^^

I think that was all! ^^
Great project! :3

Re: [OP-SP 1] Breaking Records' 1st Anniversary

Posted: Thu Jul 29, 2010 6:50 pm
by Sai
Happy belated bday Breaking Records. D: Bad mod is bad for not saying this earlier!

I'm not too much of a fan of most songs (I mean, I don't like the songs in general/original, the covers and your singing is great!), but great mixing, especially because you all had only a few days to mix! (Kay, your song must've been HORROR to mix with all those effects!)

Thanks Kay and Casa for taking over mixing yume yume again. <333

My favorite track from this release would be Saga's song though! Image

Re: [OP-SP 1] Breaking Records' 1st Anniversary

Posted: Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:12 pm
by Sagacchi
yeah, jackpot!! XD
lol joke