[PP 187] Wonder Girls - Be My Baby

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Re: [PP 187] Wonder Girls - Be My Baby

Postby sayjuicifer » Wed Feb 29, 2012 1:47 am

that awkward moment where you enjoy listening to the covers more than the actual mp3 :kyaa:

I was spazzing over in twitter and was like screw it ;___;
You all need to know how much I enjoyed listening to this ;___; ♥

Miri and Stef is rapping. ;__; Everything else became irrelevant. ;; ♥
also Stef is rapping a girl. AJKDFASDFLKSADF FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY :kyaa:
Miri I expected nothing less ♥
I still remember you owning the 2NE1 in that DJ Masa mix ♥

Meike's and Mich's Sohee was so pretty ;~~;
You and Mich make Sohee sound... uh. I'm not even gonna say it.
(mainly because I don't know how to phrase it anymore...)

Kia and Bbung as Hyerim ;o; IDEK what to say, I love love looooove you both as Hyerim.
You both sound so smooth in singing her parts ;o; ♥

Tammy OMG ;O; Yenny, I love the BG parts you sang too ;o; ♥
Anke fits this so well *____________* ♥ I don't even care about anything else.

Then I saw Ani was SunYe alksdjasdkfa;sldfjsdf ANIIII I DIDN'T RECOGNIZE YOU TBH ;^; ♥
omo my sandeullie it's nice to see this side of your singing ♥

:rabu: >> this is so me rn..
meike's boice twin ♥ pikachu's partner-in-crime
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Re: [PP 187] Wonder Girls - Be My Baby

Postby Almighty Cho » Wed Feb 29, 2012 11:33 am

I should comment on this too~

Team Baby
YooBin - Almighty Cho: nothing to say about that i think XD
SunYe - Sagacchi: Despite the fact you were ill when you recorded, i think you did okay, you struggled a bit, but you managed to stay on pitch, so :) your recording-quality is somehow bugging me though xD
YeEun - Firefly: Already spazzed about your parts to you, too. I think you did reallly good, you sound desperate, mature and soul-y, perfect ^^
HyeLim - Kia~: grrrrar i adore your voice xD it is so mature, yet soft and it sounds really gentle to me, lim's parts were just perfect for it to come out really beautiful ^^
SooHee - xKeirafanx: For my taste, i already told you in private, but i just... LOVE you in here ^^ sohee's pitch fit you perfectly, so your vibrato came out and you sounded like you had fun and like you're really comfortable so i really like it *-* in contrary to stef i like the fact you emphasized the english words to make it sound like your style, so :3
mixer: Sagacchi: The mixing is just on spot, volumes, effects, all really good :) though i want to address something in here that i dunno where else to write, which is about my parts.. *puts it in spoiler so it doesn't explode the mixer-comment-line XD
Spoiler: Show
next time when there's something i stumbled upon in the lyrics or when i sang emotionless or what, i told you in your pp and in your twitter already when i submitted my parts, please just POKE ME to redo it! XD even if it's just 1 word! i can't speak korean even a bit besides saying hello and when i learn the rap wrong from the beginning and then fail recording it, if of course don't spot the mistake out when i listen to my parts before submitting. just wanted to write that down here, cause it kinda bugged me and made me a bit sad when i then read in all comments that i stumbled across words, cause you know i want a really good result out of me, the best possible. I give much on your opinion when i sing something or rap something, please next time don't hesitate to poke me for a redo, even if it's just one word :) i still love the mix though <3 ^^

Team Lady
YooBin - SitD: For me the beginning could've sounded a bit more "cheery" (lol i don't have to talk, i can't even do it right XD). for the rap ani already pointed out that it sounds just. like. yoobin. though, for my taste it could've had a little more of... stef? i dunno how to express it, but it think this sounded really more than yoobin than like you and for my taste you know i adore your rapping! so i think i would've loved it even more if there would be a bit more stef-style to it xD
SunYe - dbangshinee: There are the beautiful "bögen" again when singing, you fit sunye's parts really well i think :3 your voice fits songs like this very much ^^
YeEun - Yukidama: Already said this to you in msn, I really enjoyed your parts somehow. You sounded kinda cute and very hmm how to say it xD'... princess-lady-soft-stylish XD really fitting in my ears ^^ for the last chorus you already said to me you lost the attitude a bit, i agree, but i still like your parts ^^ i think my favourite of you is the background-vocals for stef's rap ^^
HyeLim - Bbung: I nearly couldn't concentrate on your parts, because those harmonies disturb me xD When i try to not listen to them, you sound really pretty! but i didn't expext less, cause your voice is brilliant xD you have this "soul" feeling in it, which fits Lim's parts really much :)
SooHee - 21cssk: Honestly I think your voice just doesn't fit Sohee's parts xD Cause you have to hold back much to get the pitch it seems to me at some parts, otherwise you know i really like your voice, you know that, but for this song it just didn't work out the way it can ^^"
mixer: Bbung: Overall the mix is good i think :) Only those harmonies, especially in the blue parts are way too loud, they are kinda disturbing me.. they're not off or so, but they really distract from listening to the blue parts, which is sad ><
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Re: [PP 187] Wonder Girls - Be My Baby

Postby Kia~ » Wed Feb 29, 2012 6:57 pm

Team Baby
Cho - there's no words for how much I love your intro! ♥ seriously, it's perfect XD it sounds like you stumbled upon some words in the actual rap, like other people have already said, but you sound so cool still~ and you certainly did million times better than I would've so I don't judge! haha ♥
Saga can I just say, I'm happy I finally after like half a year of being a member here, I got to be in the same team with you? haha ♥ I think you did well, especially since you were sick when recording. More than your sick voice, I'm bothered by the quality of your recording, wonder what's wrong with that D: OH AND THE MIXING. IT'S SERIOUSLY AWESOME.
Tammy you're perfect for Yeeun's part ♥♥ I don't know what else to say than that I love love love you voice! hehe~
Meike you know, I think this is one of my favourites from you ♥ your voice just suits this song so so so well. Like Cho, I'm not bothered by the way you sang the English words, it just makes them more of your own somehow. Great job!
Kia I thought I would fail the high part but yay I didn't! XD

Team Lady
Stef alskghkdsh your rapping is awesome. Like always. And you really really sound like Yoobin in this XD Amazing job!
Chantelle you did awesome as usual! I especially liked the last 'no~ ooh', it was just totally perfect!
Anke your mature voice is really fitting for the chorus part ♥ I was left missing some more power for the last chorus, but other than that, love it ♥
Bbung Pretty pretty pretty~ I'm sorry but I don't know what else to say XD You did great. As for the mixing, yeah some background vocals could have blended better in the background but good job anyways ^^
Mich aww at how cute you sound again ♥ tbh I like your voice better when you can use a lot of power, but that doesn't mean I think you didn't do well in this because you totally did! Do well I mean XD
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Re: [PP 187] Wonder Girls - Be My Baby

Postby dbangshinee » Thu Mar 01, 2012 4:40 pm

and here, i'll write short and meaningful comments =)

since this song came out, i really wanted and waited to sing with BRiens =D

although, ANI? IS THAT YOU? IS THAT REALLY YOUR VOICE? O__o keke i didn't recognize it after you said that you had sore throat that time xD mian.

and to all the singers, OWSM! just OWSM!
OWSM singers, OWSM voices, OWSM mixers and OWSM OUTCOME!! =D

yeah i know lame comments, but thats what i really think about for this release ^^''
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Re: [PP 187] Wonder Girls - Be My Baby

Postby Sai » Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:42 pm

When I first listened to this my reaction was something like this... HOW ARE YOU ALL SO AWESOME SERIOUSLY dhuodhuo love this release!!!

...I shall try to give some individual comments though (laugh)

Cho - Your opening sounds so cute! XD I think you slightly stumbled upon the "yeoja ga dwego neon nae majimak", but otherwise your rap sounded really good! <3
Meike - Your voice is so perfect for this kind of song! I love how you kept your angelic timbre but gained so much power and control <3 Your vibrato on the "ireohke du soneul mo aseo" is awesome btw (* *)
Kia - Your vibrato sounded a little shaky on some parts, but you really did great! Especially your higher "geotman gata", loved the way you switched into headvoice there!
Tammy - I never know what to say to you because I just fangirl (T T) haha. I think I haven't heard you in many happy-girly-songs so far, your voice suits them well too!
Ani - Wow, your voice sounds so different here! (O O) Is it just because of the cold or because of the range ooorr because your voice just changed since I last heard you? XD; You usually sound more comfortable in the higher range but it's understandable because you were sick! Loved your high "make me your lady" <3 I miss singing with youuuu

Stef - How do you rap so well in every style dhouasdhou!! (laugh) Fierce rapping as always!
Mich - You sound so adorable here! (; O ; ) I enjoyed your parts a lot!
Bbung - I can only agree with Ani here! You were a perfect fit for your parts. Awesomeness!
Anke - Now that Ani said it, I think I haven't heard you sing in Korean often? You sound great as always though. <3 I think I can hear a smile in your voice, you sounded very happy (smiles)
dbangshinee - You sounded a bit unsure on some parts but apart from that your parts were great too! I also loved your high "make me your lady" at the end, it sounded beautiful <3

I realized while commenting: I need better vocabulary ahaha. I keep repeating myself. Sorry about that!
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Re: [PP 187] Wonder Girls - Be My Baby

Postby Sagacchi » Thu Mar 01, 2012 9:33 pm

do i really sound SO different hahaha XD

but yeah the quality really bugs me too because this new microphone was like part of a 200 € HD recorder/walkman thing and it would actually be really awesome <_< but yeah... I'm tryna figure out how to do it better.. maybe i should record in mp3 :/ hmm..
also, it sucks that this room hasn't got so many things, so the acoustic? the surrounding? isn't the best XD you can hear kind of an echo

but i hope at least the mixing was a pleasure :3 thank you Kia for pointing it out!
i might not be the best singer, but i sure can rap and... MIX! hehehehe.

thanks to everyone for participating <3 somehow my projects always turn out awesome ever since i started doing PP's in 2008 or..07? i don't even remember hihi...
but thats all thanks to the awesome members! <3

so thank you thank you thank you <3
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