[Solo] Keira's Butterfly Snippets (140310: Set Me Free)

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Re: [Solo] Keira's Butterfly Snippets (140310: Set Me Free)

Postby Sai » Sun Mar 23, 2014 9:29 am

<33 I like sharing tips, hehe! Not everyone has the money and/or time to go to vocal lessons, so I try to help you out as much as I can.. (; w ; )

Btw I hope the wall of text didn't come off wrong. I truly liked your recording! (; O ; ) <3

Hmm I know that feeling. I have trouble with it as well, it took me a long while until my brain finally started doing it without me having to concentrate on it.. D: Just try to go one step at a time, training too much at once will only confuse your voice. (. _ .) Another tip I could give is that it gets easier when you use a... what are they called... these "Fitnessbänder" (i. e. the tape you use in some sports and gymnastics to train some muscle parts, they're around 7€ in sport shops, sometimes you can find them a lot cheaper at REWE or a similar supermarket!). Take one and breathe in, then, while you sing the phrase, expand the tape slowly, as far as you can. (You'll have to adjust your speed of expanding so that it fits with the phrase...) Your power should come from your rib cage, not as much from your arms. When you breathe in again, loosen the tape again. (I can record a video for you if this doesn't make sense? (T T)) Your brain will focus on the expanding of the tape aaand that will cause your rib cage to widen as well, and it will help you to support your breath.

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