[DUET] Twan&Mich - Believe in First Love ♥

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Re: [DUET] Twan&Mich - Believe in First Love ♥

Postby Yukidama » Fri Aug 10, 2012 4:41 am

Oh, oooooooooooooooh ;;A;; this.
I think I liked the first duet a tiny bit more but both sound so great. You're such great duet partners, your voices fit perfectly.
Mich sounds so great in both songs almost as if they were made for her voice *^* I can't make out anything to criticize :O
Twan sounds best when he's comfortable in the range he sings (I believe :3) which is imho in the first song. Sounds very sweet and natural. Your voice has a really naturally beautiful tone >3< Second song I think you struggled a bit with the chorus. Gotta say Mich is kinda saving you there |D

I'd be very delighted to hear more duet coverrrrrrrrs *^*
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Re: [DUET] Twan&Mich - Believe in First Love ♥

Postby Tuan » Fri Aug 10, 2012 6:55 am

Mich to the rescue =P Yeah those high notes were really hard for me :( I've been practicing though so I one day I will be able to sing them properly T_T Thanks for your comment :)

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