[IMPORTANT] Looking for Moderators

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[IMPORTANT] Looking for Moderators

Postby Kyllia » Wed Apr 03, 2013 6:40 pm

Hello BRIANs!

As we continue to improve our forum and grow as a community, this requires a lot of coordination and hard work from everyone involved. However, besides BR we all have our different lives which sometimes gets in the way. I'm sure you've notice a lot of the moderating team is busy with other things. This is why we are currently looking for new moderators.

Being a moderator is a difficult but rewarding position. Since I've become a moderator I've been able to talk to members a lot more than before and have a different sense of responsibility being here. This position also allows you some pretty awesome perks like opening OP, running contests, etc. Responsibilities of this position include enforcing rules, moderating posts, dealing with conflicts, organizing special events, keeping the forum updated, etc. With that said, we are looking for individuals who have the time to commit, are responsible, have great ideas, and are familiar with how things work around here. We want someone who is willing to put in hard work and can communicate and work well with the rest of the moderating team. We will also give priority to members who know how to mix well.

If you believe you would be a good fit to our team and are willing to commit OR if you know another member who you believe should be a moderator, please PM the Breaking Records ghost account here. When applying or nominating someone else, please give us a reason as to why you/the nominee would be a good moderator and what skills you/the nominee can bring to the team.

Please send in your applications/nominations by April 17. After that, the mod team will go through and make the decisions.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me first!


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