The Full Projects Extension Updated

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The Full Projects Extension Updated

Postby Tuan » Thu Dec 31, 2015 2:13 am

Guide to the integration of projects into the forum.
Hi all, I have finished fully integrating the projects extension into your forums. This is a short guide to get everyone up to date. Moderators and Administrators will get guides in their respective forums.

I have tested this extension extensively on my own, and in coding it, have accounted for misuse, security risks and have tried to make it as user-friendly and bug free as possible (as much as a single person can). If anyone finds a bug, please send me a message on this forum. Thank you!

Posting a new project
Spoiler: Show
This is the form you will see when you try to post in one of the project forums.
  1. The title of your project. The current stage of the project and the deadline will be added to the title. Do not add this information to the title.
  2. The stages of your project. Both the name and date have to be set. Default stages are suggested for you. You can make new stages especially for your project but they will not have icons on the deadlines table.
  3. The date selector. To selected a date just navigate the calendar and choose the date your want for your deadline.
All fields can be edited after posting. If you change the name of your current stage, your project will restart to the earliest stage.

  1. You can add extra stages by clicking the text in box #2.
  2. Click this to add more stages.

The deadlines table
Spoiler: Show
This is the deadlines table. All current and released projects will be shown here.

When a project's deadline has arrived and the project has not moved to the next stage, it will show up as late here.

When a project's stage is moved forward using the stage forward button, it will be automatically updated here as well.

Viewing a project
Spoiler: Show
This is what your project will look like after you've posted it.
  1. The title of the project will be modified right after posting to include the current stage and it's deadline.
  2. The stage header bar will tell users which stage the project is on. Hovering your mouse over each stage will show it's corresponding deadline.
  3. The stageup button handles moving the stage forward, requesting a release, or releasing the project (mods only). Each requires a confirmation. If requesting your project to be released, all mods able to release the project will receive a notification to release your project. You may only send a request once. The button will disappear after the request is sent.
This is the confirmation screen you will see each time you use the stage up button. Clicking no will return you to your project with no change.

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