[SOLO] Mich's trash(ure) box

Post your solos and unofficial collabs you did with others.
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[SOLO] Mich's trash(ure) box

Postby 21cssk » Sun Mar 25, 2018 1:58 pm

Hellooooooo welcome to Mich's trash(ure)box, my new covers thread! i will post various covers here, both new ones and those i have kept long enough in my folders but have never been shared yet.
i do hope if you come upon this thread and listen to any of these covers you'll enjoy yourself even the teensiest bit <3

>> Ariana Grande - Moonlight
Hands down my most favorite ariana song ever. too bad it's not as well known and it's too ungodly high to sing properly so i half-screamed the entire song luls. anyway, please do listen to the original song as it's reaaaaallyyy pweettyyy ♥
Listen to Moonlight!: Show

>> La La Land OST - City Of Stars
Some of you who followed me on instagram probably already listened to the 1-minute version in posted there (or maybe not? XD) but I actually did sing the whole song aaaaand this is it! this song is too bittersweet and i have never really liked romance movies but La La Land hits the spot ;^;
Listen to City of Stars!: Show

>> Taeyeon - Rain
A cover I did for my friend in uni! the mix is really bad like bad baaaaadddd (pardon all the maxing out and the super messy volumes), but despite all that and the mispronunciations, i still like this cover a lot sooooo....... :D
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Re: [SOLO] Mich's trash(ure) box

Postby Almighty Cho » Wed Apr 11, 2018 6:43 pm

Sorry had no time to listen until now ._.'
So happy you post stuff up again *-*

Ariana Grande - Moonlight:
It says to me the file is deleted? :(

La La Land OST - City Of Stars:
(I am probably the only person who never watched the movie and therefore don't know it XD')
But this sounds really nice and relaxing ^^ And yet so desperate.. Like sitting at the window at night and singing down into the lights of the city..~ Gosh I just love your voice too much, I hope you post up a looot more stuff <3

Taeyeon - Rain:
You fit Taeyeon songs so well, you totally make them your own and a new version of it, this is simply beautiful despite the mixing problems <3
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